News 4U - Published - March 2013
by Thomas Ellis

Honey Roy


News 4U - Published - June 2006
by Dylan Gibbs

Music Through the Generations

First of all, I have to give a heads up about an Evansville band that went out in the bigger world a while back, The Beat Daddys. Larry Grisham, et al, will be at Doc’s Nightclub for a semi-regular gig on the big stage on Stringtown Road. A CD release gig is set for the weekend of June 30 and July 1 so get up to Doc’s for all the funky blues.

TBD were definitely heavy on the local scene 15 years ago. Another band that seems to have always been around is Blues 4U, the familiar jazz/blues/standards group with a cast of characters just about everyone in town knows. A mainstay of the group is the sax-blowing skidlid-wearing Roy Carter, Sr. He’s still to be found up front, adding his signature sound to the grooves laid down every Sunday at the Deerhead, or at select gigs such as the upcoming W. C. Handy Blues and BBQ Festival.

What everyone in town may not know is that Roy’s musical talent was passed onto his progeny, Roy Jr. His band, the six-piece group known as HoneyRoy, has a sort of jazz/funk/blues vibe with complex textures and deep grooves. They’re a regular in the Louisville scene, and Roy Jr. plays a stripped-down jazz gig every week at the Alameda on Bardstown Road.

Evansville’s his hometown though, and he’s returned here several times to play gigs at – where else? – the Deerhead as well as at Club Royale. It was there that a cross generational, off-the-cuff thing happened that was likely to make some people feel old. Roy Sr. & Jr. and Evansville’s guitar blues luminary Tommy Stillwell and his son Tommy II got together on stage and rocked.

“We had two generations sitting there,” says Roy Sr. “It was kinda nice.” Roy’s a pretty soft-spoken, understated sort of fellow…

“Usually your kid moves away and they have their life,” he continues, “but music brings us together. It’s something we can always do together; it’s really great.”

Roy the younger has a degree in music, so he knows what he’s doing, but what’s maybe more interesting is his earliest schooling – in New Orleans’ French Quarter. “I played harmonica for tips; people would stop and give me lessons,” he laughs.

After bouncing around at various locales, he returned to Evansville and the band Space Cake, which some of us fondly remember as a seriously funky/psychedelic good time. They had some success playing up in Bloomington before the group split.

Which in a nutshell brings Roy back to the present. Married, with a kid of his own, he’s looking forward to playing outdoor festivals this summer and “cultivate a regional following and milk it,” as he puts it.
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You can get out and see what HoneyRoy’s all about in person on June 30 at the Deerhead. Roy Sr. will likely be there, too. And of course you can see Roy the elder every Sunday night at the Deerhead, fronting Blues 4U’s cast of characters. By the way, since we’re looking at 15 years of publishing this rag, Roy Sr. did mention that they made sure to call us up before they went out to play under the name Blues 4U. “Sure” he says we said, “no problem.” And I have no idea what a quote from someone quoting something we said a long time ago is called… oh well. Rock on.


Louisville Eccentric Observer - Published - December 27th, 2006
By Paul Kopasz

We just recently got to hear Honey Roy Do their thing, and frankly, we were blown away. The band is led by Roy Carter Jr., whose flying dreadlocks may be the first thing you notice but not the last. The man oozes musical soul. Find out for yourself this week when the band does it up at Stevie Ray’s.

Thursday, Dec. 28
Honey Roy

One of the best local bar bands just feeling its oats is Roy Carter Jr.’s Honey Roy, which gigs consistently around town and, indeed, brings both da noise and da funk. With a resume that would shame the likes of most white-boy rockers, Honey Roy pulls the asses out of the seats and onto the dance floor. Stax and Motown are constant concerns, but a passel of New Orleans-style barrelhouse ballads and a clutch of originals gets the group firing on all of its cylinders. Then a few Van Morrison influences begin to arrive. From R&B classics and jam-band space-rock to righteously soulful pop, these boys can and do play almost everything. Seeing them might be the perfect Christmas hangover remedy.



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