HoneyRoy DUO

Tim Mitchell  -  Roy Micah Carter



             "Every Show Is Bound To Be An Uplifting Experience"



When most people think of a two piece band, they think of The White Stripes or Broken Bells.

The fact is Honey Roy Duo supplies listeners with the pleasure of keyboards and heavy drums.



"It is a very full sound, even though it is just the two of us." Says Tim (HORSEPOWER) Mitchell. "Roy has always been one of the guys I wanted to play with, and now we play together as a two piece, and its awesome". "I played with bands for several years, being the most recognized as the drum set player in NAMASTE." That was an awesome 11 year stretch.



Currently, Honey Roy gives me the freedom to be a pioneer of innovative drumming, where percussion and drum set alike come together to create another style of hybrid music. Combined with the funky styles of Honey Roy, every show is bound to be an uplifting experience.





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